Technical Services (Housing)

Technical Services (Housing)

About Housing

Improved housing quality, affordability, appropriateness and accessibility.

• To develop and implement a Blackfoot Confederacy Housing Strategy and Plan that addresses
improved housing opportunities, existing and new.
• Assisting in program overviews relating to housing and Infrastructure.
• Establishing criteria for off reserve affordable housing.
• Promoting Healthy housing initiatives within First Nation Housing.
• Developing costing models for new construction and renovations.
• Developing Inspection agreements for future considerations.
• Developing Templates for Housing reports.
• Developing housing models, structures and policies for on and off reserve housing programs.
• Developing Educational housing presentations for Junior and Senior High Schools.
• Occupational Health and Safety
• Developing On reserve revolving loans programs for renovations.
Develop a Technical Service department that meets the needs of the Blackfoot Confederacy