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Siksikaitsitapi - Blackfoot Confederacy is a Tribal Council for the Blackfoot Confederacy Nations of Kainai-Blood Tribe, Siksika, Peigan-Piikani and Aamskapi Pikuni. The Siksikaitsitapi - Blackfoot Confederacy has been established to bring the four Nations together to deal with common issues. Formalizing the unification of the Blackfoot Nations will facilitate an integrated and effective approach to implementing initiatives designed for the betterment of the lives of the Siksika (Blackfoot) people. The Declaration of Siksikaitsiitapiwa or Blackfoot Confederacy was signed in Lethbridge on the 25th of May 2000.


Since time immemorial, the Children of the Plains, the Blackfoot, have lived in a territory that stretches from the North Saskatchewan River in Alberta and Saskatchewan to the Yellowstone River in the state of Montana, from the Continental Divide in the west to the Great Sand Hills in the province now known as Saskatchewan.


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