Blackfoot Confederacy Tribal Council Departments

The Blackfoot Confederacy Tribal Council provides various programs and services for members from the Blackfoot Confederacy.

Children's Services

Blackfoot Confederacy is focused on the needs of Children and Families within our territory. The inherent rights and jurisdiction of each Agency to provide services to their nation member is respected and is based on cultural competence. Together with each of the First Nations we provide support and assistance in safeguarding and reclaiming our culture, traditions and customary care practices. Blackfoot Confederacy supports the vision of a “Siksikaitsitapi children’s services that is rooted in the customs, traditions and values of Siksikaitsitapi.


To eliminate education gaps between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Canadians, agreement for predictable and sustainable funding for on- and off- reserve children, integration of Blackfoot culture and language in curriculum at all levels and improvement of education attainment and success rates.


To eliminate the employment gaps between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Canadians by providing opportunity and access to resources for Blackfoot Confederacy members and its stakeholders.

Economic Development

To improve the economic well-being and quality of life of Blackfoot Confederacy members by strengthening employment and entrepreneurship, by developing trade and other agreements to leverage advantage for the Blackfoot Confederacy, by jointly developing sectors that are beneficial to the Blackfoot Confederacy.


To close the gaps in health outcomes between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities, focusing on infant mortality, maternal health, suicide, mental health, addictions, life expectancy, birth rates, infant and child health issues, chronic diseases, illness and injury incidences and the availability of appropriate health services, including healing centres.

Language & Culture

To maintain, control, protect, develop and strengthen Blackfoot cultural heritage, traditional knowledge, traditional cultural expressions, oral traditions, and literatures.

Lands and Environment

To determine and develop priorities and strategies for the protection, and sustainable development of lands and natural resources while incorporating traditional Blackfoot knowledge.

Intergovernmental Affairs

The Blackfoot Confederacy Tribal Council Intergovernmental Affairs include the following areas: Protocol Agreements, Political & Legal, UNDRIP & TRC.

Technical Services

To improve housing quality, affordability, appropriateness and accessibility to Blackfoot Confederacy members.