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• Close the gaps in health outcomes between Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal communities, focusing on infant mortality, maternal health, suicide, mental health, addictions, life expectancy, birth rates, infant and child health issues, chronic diseases, illness and injury incidence and the availability of appropriate health services, including healing centres.
• To develop and implement a Blackfoot Confederacy Health Strategy and Plan, with measurable outcomes to measure progress and outcomes.
About Director of Health-
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Health – Implementation Plan Priorities
Opioid Crisis
• Alberta’s opioids crisis continues to be a top priority for the Government of Alberta and the Blackfoot Confederacy.
• Although the Blood Tribe is the epicentre of the crisis, significant and harmful impacts are being experienced by all three First Nations resulting in loss of life, family disruption, and significant loss of human potential.
• The Blackfoot Confederacy has requested the support of the GOA in dealing with the crisis.
• The Health Table will include all agencies in the surrounding area such as the Kainai Treatment Center, Siksika Health Services, Aakom Kiiyii Health (Piikani Nation), Blood Health and other agencies to develop strategies to address the opioid crisis within the Blackfoot Confederacy.
• Senior Officials will engage in cross ministry dialogue (Children’s Services, Health, Justice and Solicitor General), to develop an overarching strategy focusing on preventative services, front end services and programs.
• A Senior Official from Seniors and Housing is already working at a Sub-Table with the Blackfoot Confederacy on jurisdictional issues, funding models, training and housing strategies.
• Blackfoot Confederacy officials will provide data on homes, and provide economic data to Government of Alberta officials in support of Aboriginal Housing