About BFC

About BFC


The Blackfoot Confederacy is a Regional Managing Organization for the Blackfoot Confederacy Nations of Kainai-Blood Tribe, Siksika, Peigan-Piikani and Aamskapi Pikuni.


Symbols and landmarks hold very important place in Blackfoot Confederacy. Symbols are a physical manifestation that signify the ideology of a particular people or culture. Symbols serve to strengthen identity, validate reality and unify the people. Symbols are cultural representation of reality and are associated with a people’s experiences and perceptions. The landmark is a way of reconnecting with the land a place we can revisit and make offerings in recognition of our special kindship to the land and the environment. The landmark also servers to remind other nations and in particular the settler nations that this is a traditional Blackfoot territory where we continue to have legal, political, economic, social and cultural interests and that these interests need to be addressed.


Andy recognized the importance and power of symbols. Andy understood the importance of placing a landmark wherever we went within our traditional territory to reinforce our kinship with the land and to give notice to others that these are the lands of the Blackfoot Confederacy.


In developing the logo, Andy chose symbols that tie us right back to our roots; our traditions, our values and our worldview and our traditional territory. These achievements are not only personal achievements but bring economic benefit to our people. These achievements also result in the protection of our traditional territory form incursion by other nations.
It is important to continue this practice of placing our land marks throughout our territory and understanding the significance of the landmark which is now the logo of the Blackfoot Confederacy. Today, we use this landmark as we did traditionally – to mark our traditional territory and to record our achievements.


The Blackfoot Confederacy logo also expresses our Blackfoot essence; Our Blackfoot identity; and our confederacy agenda. It is important that we continue to recount this story and to acknowledge the gift of vision and symbolism that Andy left us with.